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Debunking George Carlin: why the lesser of two evils is totally infantile

George Carlin does not vote

Why third events can nearly by no means win as president particularly if they do not have loads of down poll politicians in energy

What’s activism?
Ranked selection voting hope in Maine

Regressive Leftism is a really particular geographically targeted definition that refers particularly to individuals with energy having a naive, idealistic view of immigration, or cynics with political agendas. It doesn’t imply what most individuals assume it means.

There’s a darkish facet to each motion.

Regressive liberals

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Lesser of Two Evils – Quick Movie by Will Jacobs

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An 18-year-old mobster new to the enterprise pleads forgiveness after an “accident”. When it comes down between making two evil selections, which one would you select?

Starring Aaron Roos (
Written, shot, and directed by Will Jacobs (

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Cease Selecting The Lesser of Two Evils

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Hellarious Trump! Voting for lesser of two evils? (RT US election 2016 promo)

Hellarious Trump! Voting for lesser of 2 evils? (RT US election 2016 promo)

It seems that this time America is left with little but no choice, RT is ready to unmask both candidates and bring them to the light.

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Sneak Peek– Election Sizzling Seat with Invoice Whittle : Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils?

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Election Sizzling Seat with Invoice Whittle is a part of PJTV’s particular, members-only protection of the 2012 election. Every week main as much as the election and the week after, Invoice will take the new seat to reply your burning, election-related questions. Here is a sneak peak on the first episode.

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